05 Apr 2018

Church of
Santa Cristina

Church of Santa Cristina

Piazzetta Giorgio Morandi, 2

Inaugurated in 2007, the Church of Santa Cristina was reopend to the public as a privileged venue for concerts, and each year offers, from October to May, unique musical events performed by exceptional performers.
Inside the Church it is possible to admire the only 2 sculptures ever modeled by Guido Reni, representing Saints Pietro and Paolo. The artworks inside Santa Cristina represent a compendium of the Bolognese artistic school between the 16th and 18th century, culminating in the great Ascention by Ludovico Carracci, located on the main altar.

The origin of the Church dates back to 1247, when the Camaldolese nuns moved their convent from Settefonti (near Ozzano) to Bologna.
The Church we admire today was built in 1602 by Giulio della Torre, an architect that belonged to Domenico Tibaldi’s circle.
Inside the Church, the peculiar narrowed presbitery transforms the structure of the Church into an architectural musical instrument, where the sound spreads out in such an impressive clear way.
Right from this characteristic the myth of the “singing nuns” was born: in the room behind the apse the nuns used to sing without being seen and their voice, thanks to the two gratings on the main altar, spread throughout the Church up to the entrance. The Church was then closed and reopened various times during the Napoleonic era. After the Italian unification it became a military warehouse whereas the convent was turned into barracks.

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