Renza Barbon Galluppi

UNIAMO GOLDIN Impresa Sociale, spin-off di UNIAMO F.I.M.R. onlus

Renza Barbon Galluppi is Honorary President of UNIAMO F.I.M.R. onlus and project responsible at UNIAMO GOLDIN I.S. (spin-off of UNIAMO F.I.M.R. onlus).

EURORDIS award winner for her career.

She was member of the Ministerial Scientific Committee for Experimentation pursuant to art. 1 of the Ministerial Decree dated 18 June 2013 appointed by Ministerial Decree dated 28 June 2013.

She is a fervent supporter of empowerment and creator of the S.S.R.D. (Season School Rare Disease), a season training school on rare diseases for the development of skills aimed at making aware choices.

Altri speaker